Our history...

The story of Gaggiano begins on the vine-covered hills of Northern Piedmont, among the rows of Nebbiolo, where the Fabris family now, as then, gathers for the traditional grape harvest. Grandfather Gervasio, a passionate wine-grower, used to zealously coordinate his family, leaving his grandchildren to enjoy pressing the grapes in the vats, as well as for fun, directly with their feet.

The memory of those happy moments, the value of the family and the willingness to continue the path traced by grandfather Gervasio push Fabris family, together with the activity of entrepreneurs, to devote themselves to the enhancement of the territory by buying and investing in small plots of land planted with vines on the hills of Gattinara (VC), Casa del Bosco and Sostegno (BI) with the aim of producing great red wines with denomination, such as Gattinara docg, Bramaterra doc, and Coste della Sesia doc.

Gaggiano owes its name to the region located in the heart of the municipality of Lessona where, after careful restoration, the winery has been obtained.

In the coming years, the small plot of land surrounding the structure will be dedicated to vineyards that will produce grapes for another important and famous denomination: Lessona doc.

Alto Piemonte, its traditions and richness of its terroir, best represent the basic philosophy that drives Gaggiano to produce small quantities in order to focus on quality, enhancing the identity of individual designations.

Following in the footsteps of those who, before us, have walked the road that leads from the vineyards, to the winery to the glasses of wine lovers, the memory of grandfather Gervasio is more vivid than ever.